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About the Owner, George Whitten

George started Fitness4life in 2009. It is more than a concept, it's a way of life and when followed, it will bring great benefits and joy to your life. 4 in Fitness4life stands for Passion/Purpose, Heart, Fitness, and Attitude.

Attack all things in your life with Passion/Purpose, set your fitness goals, and pursue them relentlessly. Be good to your Heart/Health by eating freshly grown foods that enrich your body, and improve blood flow through exercise and diet. Enjoy all aspects of fitness, don't just focus on one type. Your body responds better to a variety. The last and very important is your Attitude toward life and yourself. Make it as bright and powerful as the sun. 

At the onset of the pandemic, I realized the need for continued focus on health and fitness while providing a safe and socially distant environment. That is when Getfitxpress was created.  As a subsidiary of Fitness4Life, Getfitxpress provides an exclusive, mobile, safe, and individualized workout and coaching experience.

Personal Training
George has over 20 years of fitness and training experience, and has a degree in Sports Management with a concentration in Fitness and Wellness. He has the following credentials from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine): 

• Certified Personal Trainer 
• Corrective Exercise Specialist 
• Weight Loss Specialist 
• Women Fitness Specialist 
• Senior Fitness Specialist 

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